If you suffer from periodontal disease, which is also known as gum disease, periodontal care can restore the health of your smile. The aim of periodontal care is to halt the progress of periodontal disease and to help your smile return to good health. Periodontal disease is caused by bacteria in plaque, which can accumulate on the teeth. When not treated, periodontal disease can lead to several serious consequences, including loss of the teeth, bone, and gum tissue. Dr. Jaques and Dr. Shepphird, our skilled dentists, are experienced in scaling and root planing, which are non-surgical deep cleaning methods. Scaling and root planing help to remove bacteria and infected tissue, encouraging the growth of healthy gum tissue. We welcome you to contact our dental office in Fallon, Nevada to learn more about how periodontal care can improve the health of your smile. We are committed to helping you achieve optimal oral health!