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Tomatometer – 7 of 10
Not far from the sun-kissed Santa Cruz beach where she had a traumatic childhood experience, the now-mother-of-two, Adelaide, reluctantly returns to their serene lake house with her husband, Gabe, to spend the summer vacation. However, after all this time, Adelaide still can't shake off the ominous feeling that the terrifying encounter with her bizarre doppelgänger will, somehow, come back to haunt not only her but also her unsuspecting family. Indeed, before the end of the day, the happy holidaymakers will see their worst fear come true, as an evil quartet who bears an uncanny resemblance to them stands in their driveway. Then, they pull out their sharp scissors. What do "they" want from them?
Jordan Peele
Cast – Winston Duke
Year – 2019






The only thing that keeps my score from going any lower is the great performance by Lupita Nyongo. She plays a mother (and the doppelganger) on a weekend trip with her husband (Winston Duke) father of her kids (played by Shahadi Wright Joseph and Evan Alex. Things go seriously wrong when she reunites with a past childhood trauma experience along Santa Cruz’s beachlines.
Nyongo shows a great range of what acting should project; I hope she pursues more “genre” or horror scripts. But what a waste of her talent, imagine her working with David Cronenberg, Alfred Hitchcock or even Stanley Kubrick, or at this point even Tim Story could do better. Again, my only recommendation is to see this film with an actor (Nyongo) who serious about the craft because this film would of been a complete disaster without her.
I felt there it could been a truly innovative film here if Jordan Peele had only took control of the story writing and let another director visualize the horror, suspense, etc. (maybe the directorial talents of Boots Riley. who did “Sorry to Bother You. There are lot of pointless “artsy” visual references (minimal interior sets with rabbits) inlaid with predictable socio-political “MAGA” themes (and 80s “Reaganomics” as well. and I love political satire) thus it’s just trying way too hard.
The film’s interesting soundtrack, combination of 90s hip hop/drum & bass plus R&B tunes with classically-inspired tracks help to give the story’s “twilight zone” vibe but that’s about it. It’s been said that Peele gave Nyongo a viewing list of genre cinema like Asian horror films, she learnt very well and obviously he didn’t.

I hate to be negative, but I found this movie to be super predictable. The whole idea of the family haunting themselves didn’t really do it for me. Whilst the ‘scare’ factor was there like it
is in every thriller, that is the sudden loud music and quick movements etc, I just thought the storyline lacked depth and it was hard to gauge what the heck was happening.



I honestly don’t understand.
I’ve scrolled all the way through the user reviews and there’s only a couple of users that rate this film 7 or above. 90% of users who have left a review score the film 1/10.
If you take the average number of user review scores as a rough guide for overall viewership reviews (which is usually the case with ANY film) then this film should score a 3, maybe 4/10.
For the overall user rating to be as it is, the majority of people who ONLY rated this film and never left a review must have rated it as 9 or 10/10.
Which is EXTREMELY unlikely.
Seem suspicious.




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